Virtues are the intrinsic characteristics which determine the value one has. They are traits which propel one to excellence, they are the moral skeleton which character is built on. Throughout history, the importance of virtues have been reiterated, from ancient Egypt to Benjamin Franklin. Unfortunately, today it appears that virtue development has lost it voice in society. Children aren’t taught to show courage, loyalty, develop wisdom, and be frugal. But, as Baltasar Gracián said . . .

“Virtue links all perfections and is the centre of all happiness . . . Whilst someone is alive it makes them worthy of love, when dead, of being remembered.”

Therefore, to become a person worthy of admiration, it may be a good idea to actively try to add traits into your personality.

As everyone has different strengths and weaknesses, it is important to focus on the virtues which will help you the most. Below is a list of virtues which I wish to integrate into my character.

Courage – acting in the face of fear.

Connection – connect with others, connect ideas together, and find the connections in the world to gain a holistic view of reality. 

Curiosity – lifelong approach to learning and developing knowledge, skills, and wisdom. 

Calmness – keeping composure and remaining unreactive. 

Cheerfulness – being happy and making others happy. 

Trust in oneself – trusting myself to take action when I feel confident it’s the right thing to do.

Discipline – beat the resistance.  

Transcendence – recognise the big picture perspective and act in accordance.  


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